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One of Justin's friends Shy needed a ride from a friends house. On the way they got to talking and he told her she would be perfect for Tiny's site. She didn't believe him at all about the site, the studio or anything so they headed over to the studio. He called us on the way to get the camera ready and the stage all set up to show her what all we do here. When they arrived we met them out in the car with the camera. She still did not believe us! We gave her a tour and sat her down on the couch. Seeing everything and hearing about the stories of shooting porn got her so turned on she lifted up her skirt and let Justin play with her pussy. That really got her going and she started sucking and fucking as we filmed for Tiny's Black Adventures!
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Finding a closed down restaurant, Marcus is following his dream and thinking about opening up his own sports bar. While walking around the boarded up bar, he was imagining what was going to go where. During his walk around a hottie comes walking up wondering if we were the owners of the place. Thinking ahead we told her that we owned the place and going to reopen as a high end bar and would need a waitress for the high end VIP's. Rhianna said she had what it takes to make the customer happy. Marcus wanted to see if she was willing to go the extra mile and give it all!
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Tiny's site is gaining popularity as we are getting hotties contacting us to be Tiny's newest girls! Justin kept getting e-mails from a girl wanting to meet him and put on a show for Tiny. Finally after going back and forth a bit, she sent in a photo of her and as soon as he saw it, he wanted to meet up with her. They went out for ice cream and then he called us to meet them in the park with the gear to start the shoot. We saw Codi and knew Tiny would approve! At the studio we slid off the shorts and saw her booty but that wasn't nothin compared to those titties!
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As a college student Tiffany was realizing how much it costs to put herself through school. Searching online for some extra jobs to take on in between classes she got bored and started looking at some porn. When she found Tiny's site, she got so turned on she just had to send over an email. Tiny sent her info to Justin and they started talking online. Finally they decided to meet up at a park to see if they hit it off in person. When the two met, they were both eager to get back to the studio and finally get to really know each other!
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Grabbing a bite to eat we discussed how Tiny was in need of a new girl. As we were walking out to the parking lot this sexy college girl was selling magazine subscriptions to put herself through school. We talked to her while flippin through her book and makin small talk. Janea was not makin the big bucks and was lookin to get some big cash quick. Asking her how good she was at using those dick suckin lips she started laughin and said that would cost her! With Tiny's bank roll we told her sky is the limit. Wantin that cash, Janea went to the studio givin Tiny a show that was well worth the money!